The Bixpy Jet lets you move like Aquaman, won’t help fish communication

With the amount of innovation going on in the crowdfunding arena, the world of watersports has never been more exciting. Case in point: the Bixpy Jet, a portable, personal water propulsion device that, with the help of a wide variety of attachments, can be attached any type of kayak, SUPs or just simply held.

This level of versatility lets the Bixpy Jet propel watercraft to about seven miles per hour, allowing kayakers to reach places they otherwise couldn’t. Of particular note is the device’s submersible battery which completely transforms the experience of diving by helping propel swimmers to three miles per hour. In designing the Bixpy Jet, inventor Houman Nikmanesh thought it important that users not be forced to buy a new watercraft, which is why all its attachments were created. No matter which is used, it’s Battery Box features a handy 5V USB outlet for a user’s phone, tablet, camera or speaker  and a 12V outlet to power a fish finder or other 12V electronics requiring up to 3A of power. Along with its corrosion-resistant build and the Bixpy Jet is a rugged companion for seaside exploration. Each Bixpy Jet will go for $750 and is slated to ship in March 2017. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for $125,000 by October 15th, 2016 to see success.

The Bixpy Jet joins a long line of innovative products all aiming to transform the way the water is experienced. Pair the Bixpy Jet with products like the GoBoat and the Coast foldable kayak for a truly unique aquatic experience.

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