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Steertube mixes the safety of tubing with the thrill of waterskiing

The Premise. Water tubing on the high seas or in a lake is one of the most popular activities to partake in during the summer. The only problem is that tubers can’t control where they go and are at the mercy of the person driving the boat. Most people prefer water skiing, because they have much more control over their movements.

The Product. Steertube combines the best of tubing and water skiing for those who prefer a not-so-lazy river. The user sits in the tube, but has the control to steer anywhere they want to go. A t-shaped handle attaches to the line between the tube and boat. The line is attached to a steel bar across the front of the tube. When steered, the line moves along the bar, and tilts small rudders underneath to the tube to change its direction.

The Pitch. Steertube’s Kickstarter campaign provides video testimonials of people using the product. As they bounce around in the water, people can be heard saying how cool they think the tube is. Their Web site offers a ton more videos of the Steertube on the water, being pulled by a variety of different boats. This water accessory’s creators hope to raise a somewhat ambitious $125,000 in their 39-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. For $499, backers can cut through the water at warp speed. Each Steertube comes with its own custom tow rope. The campaign only has nine reward tiers and the last five all go for $499 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014.

The Potential. There are so many different kinds of water tubes out there and some offer steering capabilities, but none quite like this. The Bat X-Ray Tube needs the rider to lean their whole body to the right or left in order to steer. Others use handles that are attached to the tube for steering which doesn’t allow for the range of motion needed to do tricks in the water. The only thing that remains unclear is if riders can also lay on their stomachs, or if they are stuck on their backs in the Steertube. Holding onto the tow line may be more difficult while lying prone. All in all, however, the Steertube appears to be the most versatile towable water tube out there and will land in the water just in time for summer.

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