Sit-n-Skate weds skateboard with street luge for low riders

The depths of boredom breed some of the most innovative and imaginative ideas. Just think back to all those evenings in your childhood where new games and ridiculous forms of transport using supermarket carts and whatever else you could find were created and played. That’s probably how the Sit-n-Skate was created, the oddly-shaped contraption that’s a Frankenstein melding of a skateboard and a seat that you can sit on. As much as it would seem cumbersome of an idea, the Sit-n-skate still retains a certain ease of use as it acts like a longboard, so you can pick up speed, slow down, and stop on a whim.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty awkward to have to use your legs to pick up speed and although the inventor states adults can use it, it’s difficult to imagine how so. In any case, the demand has to be there for a product so superfluous to experience success and with enough unnecessary Chinese manufacturing in action these days, we don’t need another uninteresting product. The Sit-n-Skate will be at backer’s doors by August 2015 for $79. The campaign is looking for $79,000 in funding.

Chargers/Batteries Sports

Chargeboard is a rolling generator for a skater

Say what?! A skateboard that charges stuff? Yup. Chargeboard rolls around, generating its own power, and uses that energy to charge your devices. It delivers 5 Volt power to your iPhone by way of a convenient dock with enough juice to charge the phone up to eight times. Not only does it charge the phone while you’re just chilling, man, but it also lets you play music with an audio jack through Chargeboard’s speakers. An additional external USB port is compatible with lots of other devices as well, we’re talking to you Android. The skateboard itself is a sleek-looking wooden longboard. One will cost backers €380 or €360 if they’re early enough. This cool product from the Netherlands is hoping to raise €50,000 on Kickstarter. While Chargeboard is only really relevant to people who enjoy boarding, it’s still a cool product. Yes, it can play music and all that jazz, but it’s also an example of how easy it is to use renewable energy to power simple things. All in all, a fun product for boarders and a great example of sustainability in action.

Personal Transportation

No hoverboard, no problem: Baja Board would leave it in the dust

bajaboardEver long for more speed when riding a skateboard or longboard? The BajaBoard combines the basic structure of a skateboard with a little bit more umph under the deck. This powered device can reach a speed of up to 50 km/hr and has a power rating of 1,200W with a 3,000W motor. Shock absorbers like those found on a mountain bike guarantee a smooth ride. One of these Aussie made products costs backers a whopping base price of $3,850 AUD with rising prices once the early tiers are gone with an estimated delivery date of December 2014. BajaBoard needs to raise $200,000 AUD on Kickstarter in a 30-day campaign.


ElectraFin lightweight motor puts the putt-putt in your paddleboard

Water activities can be fun and serene, but sometimes too serene. ElectElectrafineraFIn offers a boost to your kayak, longboard or paddleboard. ElectraFin is a 14 lb detachable motor that fits onto any of your favorite smaller water vessels. Its sleek and easy design can be attached in under one minute and send you flying at warp speed (or 4-5 mph). ElectraFin runs on battery power for up to six hours and comes with a wireless remote to control its speed and position. ElectraFin is perfect for those aqua enthusiasts who are bored with their kayak, but can’t afford a motorboat. Those looking to buy ElectraFin can rush at the early price of $850, the less early-bird price of $950, or the regular price of $1,050 with an estimated delivery of July 2014. ElectraFin’s creators, Current Drives, are hoping to raise $15,000 with their Indiegogo campaign.