Take the possibility of adventure anywhere with the Coast foldable kayak

Facilitating meaningful adventure is not only about what kind of gear someone has, but the passion they have in doing so. With that said, it never hurts to have functional, thoughtfully designed gear to complements that passion.

The Coast series is a set of two kayaks, the Coast and the Coast+, exactly for that purpose. Their claim to fame lies in their origami-esque design, allowing both 16 foot kayaks to fold up into boxes just 32 x 15 x 18 large. This lets users store one in a closet, a trunk, or even check it in on plane to avoid heft kayak rental fees. This design also contributes to its 34 pound weight, its massive 180 liters of storage, its max load of 400 pounds, and top speeds of 5.36 knots.

Sturdy ratchet buckles for assembly, an ergonomic seat for comfort, and thigh braces for control all come together to round out the package. The Coast is priced at $1,725, and the Coast+ can be had in several rewards priced at upwards of $4,000. All are slated to be delivered by September or October of 2015. The campaign is looking to raise $40,000 by June 13, 2015.

Elegant, versatile, yet still strong, the Coast is a natural companion for those who venture into waters regularly. It saves time, hassle, and money depending on where it’s taken, and provides so much room that users will never be out of whatever they need while in the waters. This isn’t the only foldable kayak on the market, though. Although its is six feet shorter and can carry 200 pounds less, Folbot’s Citibot is another worthy contender to the Coast, folding up to similar proportions for maximum portability — all the while costing $700 less. 

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