PureWrist band purifies payments of filthy money

With Apple’s ApplePay having made the splash it has, and Google nipping at its heels with Android Pay, the contactless payment arena is a crowded battleground. It may seem like there’s little reason to try to create alternatives considering how widely adopted both systems have the chance to be.

But that’s not stopping newcomer PureWrist from introducing their own. The bracelet takes a more traditional approach to contactless payment, incorporating the Gratitude prepaid debit card within its stylish, water resistant, silicone construction. Supported by the MasterCard network, the Gratitude uses an embedded antenna that lets users connect their own bank or PayPal accounts and pay with their bracelets at those increasingly common payment points everywhere.

One thing that separates the PureWrist from other payment companies is its commitment to giving back: 20% of the bracelet’s $4.99 subscription fee can be directed to the charity of the owner’s choice. A PureWrist bracelet in one of two sizes goes for $40, expected to ship in September 2015. Its campaign is hoping for $20,000 by July 2nd, 2015.

While the PureWrist system lacks a mobile app and works only in the U.S. for now, it’s hoping a dash of kindness will help set them apart. They’re faced with giants in the payment industry, though, and an uphill battle is certain. PureWrist does away with the need to use a wallet or smartphone to buy something, so it may find an audience among athletic types looking to keep things home.

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