SnapPal’s out to be a photographer’s best friend

There are many camera triggers on the market that are used to help photographers create time lapse photography. Some of them allow users to add their own sensor to a device, while others can also enable motion control or water drop photography. But it’s difficult to find one product that can do all of those and other functions, which means photographers who want all that functionality must buy different devices from different vendors at a potentially large cost.

SnapPal is a camera trigger that was designed to perform multiple functions and can be used for high-speed photography, time lapse, motion control, and water drop photography, according to its Kickstarter campaign. Other capabilities include bulb mode, allowing the user to increase or decrease exposure by varying the shutter’s opening time while performing time lapse. SnapPal comes with an infrared remote control, so there is no need for a smartphone app to control it as there is with the CamsFormer triggering system. The device costs $99 and will ship in August. Its maker set a campaign goal of raising $10,500 by July 9.

One drawback is that the remote looks a bit clunky. Some photographers will likely prefer to use a smartphone app. SnapPal also won’t work with every camera on the market. It does, however, apparently support many models, including most Canon and Nikon digital single-lens reflex cameras, Pentax K series cameras, Panasonic GH series cameras, and the A7R, A7S, A57, A58, NEX-3NL, NEX6, A65 and A77 from Sony, according to SnapPal’s maker.


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