Screw Grabber makes tricky projects behave

Screw Grabber d94bc2cfe931ca94706b9e8cedca61e7_large[1]One little, two little, three little screws dropped! Nothing more aggravating than trying to get a screw balanced on the head of a screwdriver because of a project that calls for it in one or two awkward spots. Screw Grabber aims to solve that problem. The transparent, tapered, rubber sleeve slides onto the screwdriver and holds screws of any size in place, giving you the needed stability for getting screws properly placed within tricky angles. Its ability to work with plastic screws provides a bit of an edge overĀ magnetized screwdrivers. And for $7, backers can be the judge by receiving a set of four Screw Grabbers with an expected delivery date of June 2014.

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