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SenseON exercise monitor sticks by your side for better data

The glut of fitness trackers on the market and being peddled on various crowdfunding websites either wrap around the wrist or chest. Unfortunately, bands need to be very still to be effective; chest strap monitors are more accurate but they can chafe, retain odor, need battery replacements, and can be simply uncomfortable.

The team at CardioCycle is looking to fund its solution: the SenseON. The heart rate/breathing monitor attaches to the torso rather than the wrist or the chest for greater accuracy and claims of clinical accuracy. The .4 ounce SenseON is made of silicon and as such is flexible enough to flex with a body’s movements, important so that the three electrodes it has always maintain contact.

The device also tracks steps, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate recovery, and sleep, so it’s anything but a one-trick pony. Users can sync SenseON with a range of iOS/Android fitness apps while it collects this data to use it in a meaningful way.  A single SenseON costs $94 and comes with 30 pieces of adhesive tape. It’s slated to ship in September 2016 should its Indiegog0 campaign raise $20,000 by July 22nd, 2016.

SenseON is notable for its 20-hour charge time but loses points by forcing users to apply an adhesive tape each time it’s used — an unneeded addition to the process of using it. Still it isn’t focused on one type of physical activity like the GoMore and Stryd, but isn’t as comfortable as something like the Hexoskin connected shirt.

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