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Skin wearable music controller needs appeal that’s more than skin deep

Not many people would enjoy the idea of having to take out their smartphone while working out to change music. There’s a level of focus necessary to really get the most out of a workout, and doing that will definitely make sure it’s never achieved.

Swiss inventor Yves Steinmann’s Skin wearable hopes to make that small but annoying situation an afterthought. It’s a simple black wristband that uses Bluetooth to connect to a device in order to control music without an app.

The minimalist device features mini-USB rechargeable battery that lasts a few days, is made with sweat-resistant material, and is adjustable to ensure a close, comfy fit. Each Skin wearable goes for about $30 and is expected to ship April 2016. Its Kickstarter campaign is looking for about $8,800 by November 26th, 2015.

Affordable as it is, Skin could seek to have a lot more skin in the game. The problem it seeks to address isn’t the biggest problem out there and besides, it already has a million solutions out in the market. Any pair wireless headphones with some sort of control is a much better alternative to Skin or even something like BTunes. Affordable as Skin is, it isn’t very compelling overall.

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