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Klikr lets you replace all your electronic clickers with a smartphone

With the popularity of the Chromecast, many consumers are already controlling their TVs with their smartphones. But Klikr is a small Bluetooth LE device that takes the trend one step further.

By sticking Klikr on a TV, speaker, air conditioner or just about any other electronic device that uses an infrared remote control, a user can use an accompanying Android or iOS app to control any of those devices from their mobile device. Klikr gets stuck to a device next to that device’s infrared receiver using two sticky, reusable gel pads, and works as long as the user is within about 10 meters away. ,

When the user gets a phone call, Klikr automatically mutes or pauses any controlled device and resumes the device’s normal functions once the phone call is over. It also has a voice control option. The product ships in December at about $30, although early bird backers have been able to get one as cheap as about $20. Its makers are looking to raise $30,864 by Dec. 3.

​Klikr’s voice control functionality is one thing that gives it an advantage over a traditional universal remote. Its tiny design also gives it one advantage over the similar AnyMote Home. But one minus is that each Klikr can only control one device, making it a possibly expensive proposition if a consumer wants to use  multiple Klikrs to control more than a couple of devices in a room.

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