Skreens puts multiple video sources on the screen at once

Hulu, Nerflix, Twitter, Xbox One. There’s so much worth watching and so few big screens in the living room. Unfortunately, TVs can normally display only one.

The makers of Skreens seek to change that limitation. The device looks like any number of devices that let you switch between different HDMI sources, but can display those sourced on the TV at the same time. So, for example, one family member can play a videogame with the sound off while someone else catches up on a DVR recording. Or a sports fan can keep tabs on a game while catching the Twitter buzz about it.

Skreens even comes with a companion iPad app that allows you to set up the sources on the TV in exactly the desired way. It’s available in a two-port version for $199 and a four-port version for $299. The Skreens team hopes to raise $25,000 by November 1st with the product due to ship in May 2016.

With 4K Ultra HD TVs becoming more affordable, there are more pixels than ever on which to customize usage. There are surely pockets of consumers such as Twitch aficionados who would find Skreens useful, but most of the audience for the product will likely be video professionals

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