Slopes knows the ropes for easy GoPro shooting angles

Tripods are useful camera accessories to have, but they tend to take at least a few seconds to set up and photographers risk missing an important shot while doing that.

Slopes is a posable, angled base accessory for GoPro that quickly enables users of that line of popular action cams to shoot from a choice of multiple angles without a tripod. Its polyhedron-shaped bottom and 3-in-1 slot provides 20 different ways to position a GoPro, and its body is even smaller than GoPro’s housing.

Side joints enable users to connect two stands or more side by side,  enabling 3D shooting or special visual effects including bullet time, according to its Indiegogo campaign. The accessory ships in December and its future retail price is $27, although early bird backers can get one now at pricing starting at $25. Its makers are looking to raise $10,000 by Dec. 6.

There’s been no shortage of GoPro accessories in recent months, including Duo Mount. But Slopes features a unique design that allows it to stand out from most other accessories for the action cam, and should be especially useful for those who want to shoot video from a very low angle.

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