Slopes knows the ropes for easy GoPro shooting angles

Tripods are useful camera accessories to have, but they tend to take at least a few seconds to set up and photographers risk missing an important shot while doing that.

Slopes is a posable, angled base accessory for GoPro that quickly enables users of that line of popular action cams to shoot from a choice of multiple angles without a tripod. Its polyhedron-shaped bottom and 3-in-1 slot provides 20 different ways to position a GoPro, and its body is even smaller than GoPro’s housing.

Winter Sports

SKIDDI wheels skis around so you don’t have to carry them

Skiing is one of the few things that makes winter bearable. There’s nothing like hitting the slopes and having a great day out in the snow. However, schlepping skis all over the place, especially while wearing clunky ski boots, is less than ideal.

patent-claimedSKIDDI aims to make carrying those skis around a little more bearable. The pocket-sized product is basically a set of small wheels with a slot in between for skis. When the skis are inserted into SKIDDI, users can wheel them around with ease. SKIDDI comes in several different colors.

This product joins scores of other products aimed at fixing a problem that isn’t really even a problem. While SKIDDI is fine for pavement, it doesn’t look like it would work too well on snow which completely defeats its purpose. Usually, the hardest part of carrying skis is when one transports them from the rental shop or car to the ski lift. Still, for interested backers, SKIDDI will cost $39 for delivery in October 2015. This product is looking for $10,000 in funding on Kickstarter by April 21.

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Dahu ski boots can be worn on and off the slopes

Clomping around in ski boots after hitting the slopes is one of the most uncomfortable parts of skiing. Not only do the boots hold your legs in a funny position, but they’re also made from plastic which can be slippery on the wet tile floors that most chalets have. DAHU ski boots will get you up and down the slopes just fine. After that, the outer shell opens and is removed to reveal a regular boot underneath with rubber soles. This boot is made of lightweight, waterproof material so it’s perfect for transitioning from the slopes to flat ground. DAHU comes in five colors with options for men’s, women’s, or unisex boots.

DAHU is a convenient way for skiers to get around once they’re done skiing. There’s always that awkward transition when you take off your snow boots to put on ski boots in the cold and wet chalet. The folks at DAHU may want to consider providing some kind of carrying case for the exoskeleton to make it easier to carry around. Still, this product is a welcome addition to the ski market, provided the campaign can reach its exorbitant €500,000 (~$620,400) goal. One pair will cost backers a €590 (~$730) donation for estimated delivery in November 2015.

Winter Sports

Lumbos lets your feet rotate freely as you snowboard

For those who don’t ski or snowboard, the very thought of having your feet clamped onto boards while you careen down a slippery mountain may seem crazy. For those who do it, it’s an awesome time. Still, not being able to move your feet freely doesn’t always feel that safe.

Lumbos is a clamping system that lets your feet rotate in its bindings on any kind of boarding, including snowboards, wakeboard and kiteboards. With this kind of freedom, you’ll be able to have greater range of motion on the slopes or water. This feature is especially nice for those who ride the ski lift. With Lumbos, that awkward twisting of the ankle is gone on the lift.

While this product may be convenient when getting from place to place, for the actual sport it may interfere with coordination. Especially with snowboard where your locked legs are what steers the board. Lumbos would do well to consider a locking option on their product so that legs can swing free on the lift, but remain secure on the slopes. One pair will cost backers $175 with estimated delivery in April 2015. Lumbos is hoping to raise $15,504 with Kickstarter’s help.