Winter Sports

SKIDDI wheels skis around so you don’t have to carry them

Skiing is one of the few things that makes winter bearable. There’s nothing like hitting the slopes and having a great day out in the snow. However, schlepping skis all over the place, especially while wearing clunky ski boots, is less than ideal.

patent-claimedSKIDDI aims to make carrying those skis around a little more bearable. The pocket-sized product is basically a set of small wheels with a slot in between for skis. When the skis are inserted into SKIDDI, users can wheel them around with ease. SKIDDI comes in several different colors.

This product joins scores of other products aimed at fixing a problem that isn’t really even a problem. While SKIDDI is fine for pavement, it doesn’t look like it would work too well on snow which completely defeats its purpose. Usually, the hardest part of carrying skis is when one transports them from the rental shop or car to the ski lift. Still, for interested backers, SKIDDI will cost $39 for delivery in October 2015. This product is looking for $10,000 in funding on Kickstarter by April 21.