Personal Transportation

Reincarnate reimagines the skateboard as an asphalt snowboard

Born in the empty pools under the baking Californian sun, skateboards have taken up residence as one of the foremost symbols of American pop culture and can be seen everywhere. Things like this gain a hallowed status, and because of that, nothing about their design changes much, limiting other possibilities that involve a board and four wheels.

patent-claimedUnless, of course, you add two more wheels, which is exactly what the Reincarnate does. Two caster wheels underneath the board rotate 360º, allowing the board to act more like a snowboard on asphalt. Maneuvers like making full spins and laterally carving the streets give the act of skateboarding a completely new dimension. It achieves this by including a split truck design that lets riders lean both left and right while still having all six wheels on the ground, something a similar product, the Freebord, can’t do.

Reincarnate is a neat take on the timeless skateboard design, and one that should catch the attention skaters looking for a different experience. Those looking for something a bit more futuristic can look toward Marbel or OneWheel.

The $120,000 campaign is offering the split trucks for installation on an existing skateboard for $220, while a full Reincarnate board is available for $430. Backers can expect either in February of this year.

Winter Sports

Scion sled brings childlike wonderment to adults

For kids, sledding is the ultimate winter activity. For adults, skiing and snowboarding rule, but no one ever forgets how fun sledding was.

Now, people can enjoy the speed and agility of snowboarding with the relaxation of sledding. Scion is a sled designed aerodynamically, making speed and steering possible. Coming in either white or black, the rider sides on the back and places their feet on the runner in the front. A cord attaches the rider to the sled so that it doesn’t skitter off down the hill in case of a crash. Scion is made with the luge style in mind. Hands are used on either side for balance, but steering is done by leaning the body either left or right.

Scion seems like lots of fun, but definitely a toy for adults rather than for kids. Safety is always a concern, but if riders stick to the bunny slopes they should be okay. One will cost backers a high donation of $449 for delivery in July of this year. Scion is looking to raise $40,000 in funding on Kickstarter by March 11.

Winter Sports

AXS Snoogee Board combines sledding and snowboarding for thrilling ride

Sledding is a snowy winter favorite for kids and adults alike. There are lots of different kinds of sleds out there from those that offer large capacities to those who claim speed.

The AXS Snoogee Board takes the traditional sled model and updates it with the utility of a snowboard. This double-tiered sled has a small straight board on the bottom and a wider board on top to lie on top of. The rider lays on top with their head facing down the mountain. AXS is built in such a way that the rider has maximum steering and stopping control. With a low center of gravity, the risk of injury is reduced upon falling off the sled.

Obviously the first question with this product is safety. However, the creators have addressed this issue in their campaign with a video and testimonials that they let their kids use the sled too. One will cost backers a whopping $700 AUD (~$580 USD) with estimated delivery for July 2015, perfect for the Australian wintertime. AXS is hoping to raise $220,000 AUD (~$181,700 USD) on Kickstarter.

Winter Sports

Lumbos lets your feet rotate freely as you snowboard

For those who don’t ski or snowboard, the very thought of having your feet clamped onto boards while you careen down a slippery mountain may seem crazy. For those who do it, it’s an awesome time. Still, not being able to move your feet freely doesn’t always feel that safe.

Lumbos is a clamping system that lets your feet rotate in its bindings on any kind of boarding, including snowboards, wakeboard and kiteboards. With this kind of freedom, you’ll be able to have greater range of motion on the slopes or water. This feature is especially nice for those who ride the ski lift. With Lumbos, that awkward twisting of the ankle is gone on the lift.

While this product may be convenient when getting from place to place, for the actual sport it may interfere with coordination. Especially with snowboard where your locked legs are what steers the board. Lumbos would do well to consider a locking option on their product so that legs can swing free on the lift, but remain secure on the slopes. One pair will cost backers $175 with estimated delivery in April 2015. Lumbos is hoping to raise $15,504 with Kickstarter’s help.