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Reincarnate reimagines the skateboard as an asphalt snowboard

Born in the empty pools under the baking Californian sun, skateboards have taken up residence as one of the foremost symbols of American pop culture and can be seen everywhere. Things like this gain a hallowed status, and because of that, nothing about their design changes much, limiting other possibilities that involve a board and four wheels.

patent-claimedUnless, of course, you add two more wheels, which is exactly what the Reincarnate does. Two caster wheels underneath the board rotate 360º, allowing the board to act more like a snowboard on asphalt. Maneuvers like making full spins and laterally carving the streets give the act of skateboarding a completely new dimension. It achieves this by including a split truck design that lets riders lean both left and right while still having all six wheels on the ground, something a similar product, the Freebord, can’t do.

Reincarnate is a neat take on the timeless skateboard design, and one that should catch the attention skaters looking for a different experience. Those looking for something a bit more futuristic can look toward Marbel or OneWheel.

The $120,000 campaign is offering the split trucks for installation on an existing skateboard for $220, while a full Reincarnate board is available for $430. Backers can expect either in February of this year.