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SmartMio is a shock in the arm to augment fitness plans

The Premise. High-impact workouts can be violent, both in what they do to muscles, and how making time for them can disrupt a daily schedule. One portable device wants to take all that violence and do away with it.

The Product. The SmartMio wearable muscle stimulator is a series of electrode pads that can be connected to any number of muscle groups and controlled by the proprietary app. The app mimics the nerve impulses that the brain sends to these muscles during exercise and uses electricity to stimulate these muscles into working, creating more endurance and strength to complement an existing workout regimen. Because the electrodes are portable, they can be worn underneath clothes and used anywhere. The same stimulation can be used as a mild massage that can help improve circulation or help rehab tired muscles.

The Pitch. Right away, viewers are treated to a pulsating arm hooked up to electrodes, which is a little jarring to watch, but everyone hooked up seems dedicated to fitness and the results are apparent. Various designers and executives for SmartMio are all excited to share the product based on its flexibility and portability, and based on their snug-fitting t-shirts, they  probably know a thing or two about fitness. Other campaign graphics explain the reward tiers, the science behind the stimulators, and answer some pertinent medical questions as well as acknowledging that stimulation is an adjunct to and not a substitute for exercise. SmartMio needs $50,000 to attract investors to help the device find its way to store shelves more quickly.

The Perks. A SmartMio with choice of color and 4 sets of electrodes that are designed to work for 4 months of regular use can be picked up for $89, arriving in November of this year. The Duo package which comes with double the equipment is available for $169, and there are Family and Team packages with higher multiples for tiers reaching up to $699.

The Potential. Admittedly, watching the SmartMio go to work zapping muscle groups looks a bit morelike torture than it does a good workout, but it’s hard to argue with the results shown in its video. Only the most dedicated fitness buffs will probably make regular use of this device, but personal trainers, physical therapists, and professional athletes would almost certainly not leave the house without their SmartMio.

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