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SmartStand converts from mobile stand to document scanning aid

With apps for pretty much anything you need to have done, over the years our mobile devices have become capable of helping us every single day for things like directions, and occasionally with those other tasks that spring up every so often. Case in point: scanning. Although an actual scanner is superb to what a phone or tablet can do, scanning apps are a godsend to people who need to scan often. Getting a clear shot is a different story entirely, though, which is why the Fopydo SmartStand doubles as a general stand and a scanning stand for either your smartphone or tablet. Inexplicably, there are two models but its secondary mode allows users to take great quality shots no matter where they are as the stand is portable, just not as portable as the SlimJig. Either way, you’ll still have that pesky shadow that shows up if you try to take these shots, although light diffusers and other add-ons can help mitigate that problem. Ultimately, the product ends up looking like a toy for what it does, a huge departure from stands like YOHANN. All in all, the phone version of the Fopydo goes for $20 while the tablet version goes for $30, both with expected delivery in November 2014. The campaign is looking for $5,000 in funding.