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Twyce doubles up on car seats to bring along backseat buddies

There’s nothing like a strong woman who doesn’t want a larger vehicle to inspire her husband to get creative about how to tote a multitude of kids here, there and everywhere. That being said, Twyce would represent the classic myth that behind every man living in a peaceful household stands his persistent wife. Even so, multiple households with little ones that still need a booster seat for trips in the car will likely be grateful for these dual booster seats, made of organic, flame-retardant, washable, kid friendly materials. Twyce is also easily transferred between cars. Now if someone could just come up with something like Plexiglas dividers as a way to quench that timeless sibling argument about, “He touched me!” “Well, she touched me first!” But when they finally settle down and fall asleep as kids often do in the car, Ostrich Pillow might be a nice companion to Twyce. This campaign seeks to raise $650,000 CAD ($570,303.01 USD) by November 21, 2014. Early bird backers get one Twice for $130 CAD ($114.06 USD) with an expected delivery of May 2015.