SpellBrite helps you let others see the signs wherever you go

Neon’s look draws people in with the mood it creates and the impact it has. But neon signs are pricey and require a significant amout of power. Plus, once they burn out, they’re complicated to repair.

SpellBrite is an alternative to neon that offers several advantages. The products glow in a manner similar to neon lights, but they use LEDs so they are far more cost-efficient and energy-efficient. The signs are also easy to create and customize as they rely on standard letters that snap together and are secured with simple screws. While a full character set is available, though, there’s only one font and one color available though the latter seems like it could be easy to change  with different colored ovelays.

The SpellBrite system is in the market today, but developer iLight is actually seeking .$45,000 my May 21 for a portable power pack for the signs. Powered by eight AA batteries, the smartphone-sized accessory should provide four hours of message illumination. Rewards start at $64 for a three-letter sign up to a limited $2,599 mega deluxe package that should accommodate any spelling championship word. A $99 package provides a six-letter kit, including the battery pack. Rewards are set to ship in September.

SpellBrite doesn’t offer the design flexibility or mixed color use that neon signs do. Rather, it’s more of a complement since it can be reconfigured so quickly. Plus, the ability to take it on the go for a couple of hours is a unique advantage for, say, a business at a flea market or, as depicted in the campaign, a fan at a game. Whatever the message, SpellBrite can get it across with minimal cost and power consumption; that seems like a bright idea.


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