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Sphynx razor packs along water and moisturizer to escape hairy situations

Traveling means making lots of little sacrifices in what to bring. Perhaps a smaller toothbrush or leaving behind that expensive moisturizer is necessary for extra bag room. Either way, it can be hard to stay fresh while out on the road.

For those who need to shave constantly to remain looking professional, try Sphynx, yes named after the hairless cat. This is an all-in-one shaving product for travelers on the go. Sphynx features a water sprayer, razor and soap so that not even a sink is necessary for shaving. This round product is small enough to fit into any purse, briefcase, or even pocket. It is round and, when opened, requires rotation to enjoy each feature. First spray, then rotate and lather, then rotate and shave.

The soap used is non-stick so that it comes off cleanly after the shave, a definite bonus. However, it’s unclear if the razor can be changed or not. If not, once the razor becomes dull the whole thing has to be thrown out, not good. Sphynx is really only marketed to women, but could definitely benefit men as well. For those looking to stay clean-shaven, one can be had for $16 by March 2015. Sphynx is hoping to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter.

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