Save face with the ShaveFace disposable razor raw denim strop

The modern man has to contend with many difficulties during the day, but getting a clean, crisp shave shouldn’t be one of them. Disposable razor companies do their best to make sure that isn’t the case, though, with blade that quickly becoming dull and out of alignment, forcing the purchase of another, overpriced set.

The ShaveFace raw denim and leather strop is designed as if for a professional barbershop, but is to be used inside of the bathroom with disposable razors instead. Using the strop lengthens the life of any razor and, as a result cuts down on razor waste, saving most users at least $100 a year on razors alone. On the go, ShaveFace rolls up into a compact, portable size to easily stow away somewhere.

The product tackles the problem of razor usage in a more traditional way when compared to something like the RazorPOD, and looks more attractive doing it. For $29, backers can expect a ShaveFace strop in their homes in June 2015. The campaign is looking for $24,000 in funding.

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Sphynx razor packs along water and moisturizer to escape hairy situations

Traveling means making lots of little sacrifices in what to bring. Perhaps a smaller toothbrush or leaving behind that expensive moisturizer is necessary for extra bag room. Either way, it can be hard to stay fresh while out on the road.

For those who need to shave constantly to remain looking professional, try Sphynx, yes named after the hairless cat. This is an all-in-one shaving product for travelers on the go. Sphynx features a water sprayer, razor and soap so that not even a sink is necessary for shaving. This round product is small enough to fit into any purse, briefcase, or even pocket. It is round and, when opened, requires rotation to enjoy each feature. First spray, then rotate and lather, then rotate and shave.

The soap used is non-stick so that it comes off cleanly after the shave, a definite bonus. However, it’s unclear if the razor can be changed or not. If not, once the razor becomes dull the whole thing has to be thrown out, not good. Sphynx is really only marketed to women, but could definitely benefit men as well. For those looking to stay clean-shaven, one can be had for $16 by March 2015. Sphynx is hoping to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter.

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Rockwell razor ditches cartridges for customization

Every few months, it seems like a new razor hits the market. One with more blades, or with all kinds of bells and whistles that promise a better shave while men continue to struggle with razor burn and other problems.

The Rockwell 6S Razor from Rockwell Razors takes a step in the other direction. Inspired by the classic safety razors used generations ago, the 6S has a classic, minimalist feel to it. What makes this razor unique however is the presence of three double-sided plates that provide a customized shave designed to work on any kind of face or facial hair. Rockwell Razors has set a goal of $12,000 CAD for this project. For $69 CAD, supporters will receive the 6S Razor with all the plates, cap, handle, and blades in December 2014.

Younger shavers may be intimidated by going back to using an actual razor blade to do their shaving, but it’s a method that’s been used by men for years prior to the introduction of the Gillette Mach3. That it uses normal, inexpensive and replaceable razor blades is just the icing on the cake for those who want to save money.

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RazorPOD extends life of razors in the battle of the beard

RazorPODAs if the act of shaving isn’t enough of a hassle and expense all by itself, there’s the added annoyance of keeping up with whether or not your blade is too dull for another usage or not. A blade that lasts might be considered something of a treasure! RazorPOD seems to have found a way to extend them. The foundation for the technology is rooted in the idea that blades get corroded from a combination of water and rust. So if you dry it right away in their 100 percent humidity-free storage unit, blades will last longer. This is a different angle than something like RazorPit, which seems to be rooted in the idea that it’s continuous usage of the razor that makes it dull, and so it needs to be cleaned and sharpened. One thing that might make RazorPod more attractive is that backers can get it for $17, which is less than RazorPit. Expected delivery is June 2014.