Save face with the ShaveFace disposable razor raw denim strop

The modern man has to contend with many difficulties during the day, but getting a clean, crisp shave shouldn’t be one of them. Disposable razor companies do their best to make sure that isn’t the case, though, with blade that quickly becoming dull and out of alignment, forcing the purchase of another, overpriced set.

The ShaveFace raw denim and leather strop is designed as if for a professional barbershop, but is to be used inside of the bathroom with disposable razors instead. Using the strop lengthens the life of any razor and, as a result cuts down on razor waste, saving most users at least $100 a year on razors alone. On the go, ShaveFace rolls up into a compact, portable size to easily stow away somewhere.

The product tackles the problem of razor usage in a more traditional way when compared to something like the RazorPOD, and looks more attractive doing it. For $29, backers can expect a ShaveFace strop in their homes in June 2015. The campaign is looking for $24,000 in funding.

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Rhino rubber wedding ring shows your commitment to an active lifestyle, betrothed

Rhino RingMost married men want the message out there that they’re taken. The best way to do this is to wear a wedding ring. Some, however, work in harsh conditions where any expensive ring may be damaged. In this situation, the Rhino Ring comes to the rescue. This is a synthetic ring made of rubber to be worn just like a wedding ring. It’s durable enough to withstand hazardous environments, while still getting the message out to stay away. The ring looks like any traditional band and is a cool way for rugged married men to maintain their marital commitments. One costs backers $10 with a campaign goal on Kickstarter of $1,800.