Organization Tools

StickQuick keeps your little implements all in a row

StickQuick c05a6306620c40cdaa49ad55b540a3ec_large[1]Having the stuff you need at arm’s reach just got simpler. StickQuick’s system of organization includes elastic silicone bands that are embedded with neodymium magnets, the strongest permanent magnets available. The bands stretch to fit any ferrous or non-ferrous tool or handle. Available sizes include ½” and 3/8”, which fits most tools and utensils. StickQuick also offers 1” metal disks and 12” metal strips with adhesive on the back to convert non-ferrous surfaces. A quick glimpse through Amazon shows that there are already magnetic tool organizers and other magnetic organizers available. For at least $10, backers get two StickQuick bands and two 1” magnetic disks for non-ferrous surfaces. Estimated delivery is July 2014.

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