Strapless Kewi bra aims to alleviate back pain via breast-lifting mechanism

The Premise. The only thing worse than a bra that doesn’t fit right would be underwear that rides up. Both are annoying. Sometimes annoyingly painful. While there may be men who can relate to the underwear scenario, one has to seriously doubt that any man could truly understand the bra scenario. Nevertheless, a male named Muyiwa Olumide has decided to try his hand at just such a challenge. He was inspired by a lady friend who apparently had a bad shopping night, and must have issued a double-dog dare in her extreme frustration.

The Product. The Kewi bra is aimed at gals who have at least a “D” cup or higher. These include many women who walk around with a great deal of back pain because of being, well, top-heavy. Kewi aims to bring them something that fits properly and is comfortable. And if it happens to look good too, well, that would be an added benefit. The strapless bra has a specialized device that lifts larger bosoms and therefore takes the pressure off of a woman’s shoulders, neck and back. It’s also designed in such a way as to retain a proportional outward shape, eliminating the issue of improper fit due to one breast being larger than the other.

The Pitch. The video for the $25,000 campaign would have been much better off had Olumide allowed a female to be the spokesperson for the product, possibly the same one who challenged him to make a bra that doesn’t hurt her back. She would have certainly had more experience and knowledge about the plight surrounding what fuller-figured gals need in a specialized undergarment. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how many women explain these particular facts of life is to a guy, he is just not going to get it because, well, as Olumide obviously puts it, he lacks the gender-specific mammary glands.

The Perks. There are six tiers from which backers may choose. The $100 early bird special includes a Kewi bra. It seems worth noting that for $1.000, a backer may also have their own photo-shoot, complete with pictures posted on the website. So if you happen to be an aspiring model with a large chest, or you know someone who is, there you go. Estimated delivery is anywhere from June 2014 – January 2015, depending on the backer’s choice of pledge.

The Potential. If what is generally available in your average store is any indicator of the sizes that most females wear, then the Kewi bra is aimed at a rather narrow niche market. Obviously, it’s difficult to tell if the product delivers from an online description, particularly one without testimonials, but if the two-plied cup can help bring relief to women’s sore backs, that would be huge win for the afflicted.

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