Tablet PC builds in projector to show the big picture


Note: Our friend Brad Linder at Lilliputing has tipped us off that this product actually launched in 2012 and so the campaign is likely a fraud. Brad further notes that if you’re interested in this product, you can obtain it for less.-Ed.

Recently, projectors have enjoyed an existence outside of the movie theater and occasional home or two. Set to keychains or guest starring as iPhone accessories, there have been more than a few attempts to make them more mainstream. Enter the Projection Tablet PC from creator Dominic Li. Billed as a revolutionary product, but with a lack of video proof or information in general, all we’re going off is an idea. The only thing that sets apart this otherwise ho-hum tablet is that it’s a projector, so it better work well. Potential backers can grab an early bird version for $499 and start talking to walls in October 2014.