ZmartframeMax giant touch screen lets you pinch and zoom across a room

Ever since the major news and sports networks began to roll out giant touch screens that provide the simplicity of tablet control with the presentation of a large monitor, the personal market has patiently waited for their turn.

ZmartframeMax (from the makers of Zmartframe) is a mountable, self-assembled frame that can go over any surface. By combining ZmartframeMax with any projector it then turns the area inside, as large as 70” diagonally, into a fully functional multi-touch display. The frame also includes an embedded Android operating system, but is compatible with touch-enabled versions of Microsoft Windows as well. ZmartFrame GowinTec, the makers of the ZmartframeMax, have set a fundraising goal of $50,000. The ZmartframeMax starts at $288 and backers can choose from five of the standard sizes, or can have one custom-built if they need a specific size for more. The product is expected to release in November.

The idea of being able to replicate the wall-sized touch displays from movies and television is an exciting one, and people are sure to take notice if a product like this fits their needs either personally or professionally. The problem is that as with the Zmartframe and another touch display converters , performance isn’t always optimal and even in the introduction video, the input seems to lag behind. It’s a neat idea, but the execution just might not be there yet for a product such as this. For now, it may make more sense for business professionals with a presentation to give to connect their tablets to projectors and control them from their hands.


Tablet PC builds in projector to show the big picture


Note: Our friend Brad Linder at Lilliputing has tipped us off that this product actually launched in 2012 and so the campaign is likely a fraud. Brad further notes that if you’re interested in this product, you can obtain it for less.-Ed.

Recently, projectors have enjoyed an existence outside of the movie theater and occasional home or two. Set to keychains or guest starring as iPhone accessories, there have been more than a few attempts to make them more mainstream. Enter the Projection Tablet PC from creator Dominic Li. Billed as a revolutionary product, but with a lack of video proof or information in general, all we’re going off is an idea. The only thing that sets apart this otherwise ho-hum tablet is that it’s a projector, so it better work well. Potential backers can grab an early bird version for $499 and start talking to walls in October 2014.