Back to the Backers: Avo self-cleaning tropical fish tank

After reaching half of their goal in September of this year, the British-made Avo canceled its funding on Kickstarter. But why?! Now they’re back on Kickstarter (and Backerjack) with a smaller goal, but still tons of supporters.

Avo is a self-cleaning fish tank. The fish’s waste along with uneaten food feed the plants, keeping the tank and water fresh. In addition, Avo comes equipped with an LED programmed light that not only gives the plants enough light, but also keeps the water warm enough for tropical fish. A donation of £200 (~$320) will get backers the Avo kit which includes the tank, food, lights and plant pods for estimated delivery in July 2015. This time around, Avo is looking for £60,000 (~$96,000), cutting down on their original goal due to the discovery of better-value tools.

Not much has changed about Avo since the original campaign. The idea of a self-cleaning tank is certainly tantalizing to most fish-enthusiasts. Imagine a self-cleaning cat! Wait, well, still Avo is a very cool way to provide a stylish, easy home for beta fish.


Avo offers a betta’ home for your beta fish

The Premise. Fish tanks can be a soothing, interesting addition to the home. The only problem is that they require maintenance and tanks needs to be cleaned. Suddenly the fish becomes bothersome and may seem like a lot of trouble. 

The Product. Avo is a self-cleaning fish tank for beta fish. With plants on the bottom, it uses a natural filtration system to keep the tank clean. All fish poop and uneaten food is converted into nitrate which feeds the plants. Avo is its own mini eco-system. It has a stylish design with its own lighting as well that controls the heat of the water. Since beta fish are tropical, it’s essential that the water is warm enough to support their survival. The plants at the bottom of the tank come in pods that are easy to rearrange for different looks. In addition, the filter itself is self-cleaning so there’s really no maintenance for the tank at all.

The Pitch. Avo’s Kickstarter campaign, unfortunately, lacks a video. The rest of the campaign does a good job of explaining the tank’s various features, however. There are lots of photos showing the different places the tank can be displayed. It’s small enough to fit on desks and bookshelves.

The Perks. Early birds have two options for this British product. For £150 and £200, backers can receive the tank and start-up kit for estimated delivery in March 2015. At a regular cost, Avo goes for £200. Reward tiers go up to £2,000 but none include an actual fish! (Probably better for the fish in terms of shipping.)

The Potential. Avo is cool product and idea, but not the first of its kind as the campaign suggests. AquaSprouts is a self-contained eco-system for fish as well. However, its plants sit on top of the tank with water being pumped up and down. With AquaSprouts, it’s possible to grow herbs, however, the tank doesn’t have the same type of temperature control that Avo does. Avo also gets higher points for design, featuring the traditional round fish bowl with a twist. All in all, Avo is a great product for lazy fish-owners who enjoy the wonders of ecology.