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Vegua fish tank keeps fish as pets, cleans itself with fresh herbs on top

Pets and plants are two of the best things one can have to make a house a home. Both, however, require some maintenance.

The Vegua fish tank provides both the fun of fish and the nutrition of fresh herbs with the least amount of work possible. This mini eco-system keeps itself going with very little help from anyone. The waste from the fish feeds and waters the plants. In turn, the plants consume everything that makes the tank dirty so it never needs to be cleaned. To feed the fish, just put a small amount of food in the compartment on top. Vegua can support a variety of fish and plantlife from goldfish and bloodfin tetras to basil and mint.

We’ve seen other tanks like this one in the past, such as Avo. This is a nifty little idea that brightens up anyone home. It also has the added perk of growing fresh herbs. Too bad it isn’t completely self-sufficient as the fish still need to be fed. For their own, backers can donate €239 (~$364). Vegua is hoping to raise €120,000 (~$182,900) on Kickstarter.

Home Pets

Ecofarm puts your lazy fish to work creating aquaponic herbs

Fresh herbs make for some of the tastiest home cooked meals. There’s just a more robust flavor that comes from something that is home grown rather than something store bought.

While most herb gardens can seem like a lot of work, Ecofarm is introducing one that requires minimal work, as long as one doesn’t mind that fish excrement is the fertilizer keeping the herbs healthy and growing. Perhaps the concept isn’t much different than fertilizing a vegetable garden with manure. Just as the cows have to be fed, this herb garden requires the user to keep the fish fed. The tank is self-cleaning because the plants work as a natural filter and clean the water.

Besides herbs, Ecofarm is also able to grow mini tomatoes, peppers, and strawberries. The dimensions of the tank are not stated, but it is touted as being “minimalist” in its size; something that could easily fit on a kitchen counter. It doesn’t clearly indicate how many fish are ideal in the tank, and whether or not more fish are required for herb gardens with small veggies or not.

This product certainly has appeal to those who are concerned about GMO foods, and also those who see cooking as a hobby and enjoy gardening. While a great concept, Ecofarm joins scores of other similar mini eco-system fish tanks like the Avo. This campaign seeks to raise €30,000 (~$37,200) by December 25, 2014. For €60 (~$75), backers get one product with an expected delivery of February 2015.


Avo offers a betta’ home for your beta fish

The Premise. Fish tanks can be a soothing, interesting addition to the home. The only problem is that they require maintenance and tanks needs to be cleaned. Suddenly the fish becomes bothersome and may seem like a lot of trouble. 

The Product. Avo is a self-cleaning fish tank for beta fish. With plants on the bottom, it uses a natural filtration system to keep the tank clean. All fish poop and uneaten food is converted into nitrate which feeds the plants. Avo is its own mini eco-system. It has a stylish design with its own lighting as well that controls the heat of the water. Since beta fish are tropical, it’s essential that the water is warm enough to support their survival. The plants at the bottom of the tank come in pods that are easy to rearrange for different looks. In addition, the filter itself is self-cleaning so there’s really no maintenance for the tank at all.

The Pitch. Avo’s Kickstarter campaign, unfortunately, lacks a video. The rest of the campaign does a good job of explaining the tank’s various features, however. There are lots of photos showing the different places the tank can be displayed. It’s small enough to fit on desks and bookshelves.

The Perks. Early birds have two options for this British product. For £150 and £200, backers can receive the tank and start-up kit for estimated delivery in March 2015. At a regular cost, Avo goes for £200. Reward tiers go up to £2,000 but none include an actual fish! (Probably better for the fish in terms of shipping.)

The Potential. Avo is cool product and idea, but not the first of its kind as the campaign suggests. AquaSprouts is a self-contained eco-system for fish as well. However, its plants sit on top of the tank with water being pumped up and down. With AquaSprouts, it’s possible to grow herbs, however, the tank doesn’t have the same type of temperature control that Avo does. Avo also gets higher points for design, featuring the traditional round fish bowl with a twist. All in all, Avo is a great product for lazy fish-owners who enjoy the wonders of ecology.