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Vegua fish tank keeps fish as pets, cleans itself with fresh herbs on top

Pets and plants are two of the best things one can have to make a house a home. Both, however, require some maintenance.

The Vegua fish tank provides both the fun of fish and the nutrition of fresh herbs with the least amount of work possible. This mini eco-system keeps itself going with very little help from anyone. The waste from the fish feeds and waters the plants. In turn, the plants consume everything that makes the tank dirty so it never needs to be cleaned. To feed the fish, just put a small amount of food in the compartment on top. Vegua can support a variety of fish and plantlife from goldfish and bloodfin tetras to basil and mint.

We’ve seen other tanks like this one in the past, such as Avo. This is a nifty little idea that brightens up anyone home. It also has the added perk of growing fresh herbs. Too bad it isn’t completely self-sufficient as the fish still need to be fed. For their own, backers can donate €239 (~$364). Vegua is hoping to raise €120,000 (~$182,900) on Kickstarter.