Bakebare lets you handle what’s hot as though it’s not

It seems like the oven mitt always finds a place to hide when it comes time to pull that delectable dish or desert out of the oven. Bakebare offers a whole new line of baking dishes and pans that can be handled without an oven mitt—straight out of the oven.

Cookies, cakes and other delights get placed on the cookie sheet or in the baking pan as usual, and then when they are finished baking, there is a designated area that remains cool to touch. The reason the designated area is touted as being able to stay cool, in a nutshell, is due to the use of a natural honeycomb porous geometry feature and thermal protective coating that work together to dissipate the heat. This keeps the designated area at roughly 99 degrees Fahrenheit. Seems like an interesting product worth checking into further.

This campaign seeks to raise $60,000 by March 10. Early bird backers get one product for $29 with an expected delivery in July of this year.