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PancakeBot batter printer whips up your favorite breakfast in different shapes

There’s no better way to start a morning than with the savory smell of pancakes fresh out the griddle, sizzling with buttery goodness. What could possibly be better? Well, how about a machine that prints pancake batter onto a griddle in any form you can dream up?

patent-claimedThat machine exists, and it’s called the PancakeBot. For some, the PancakeBot is a dream come true. Users, using either a Windows machine or a Mac, can trace out an original design and transfer it over to an SD card. From there, the SD card is inserted into the PancakeBot whereupon a specially designed vacuum and pressure system control the flow of batter to create a unique pancake. For users who don’t want to get bogged down in design, PancakeBot’s companion software comes with a number of pre-loaded designs. Operation wise, the PancakeBot is relatively straightforward as it doesn’t include Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. For some, though, the lack of connectivity options may be a huge negative. Interested backers can add this fun device to their kitchen for $179, with an estimated ship date of July 2015. The PancakeBot campaign is looking for $50,000 in funding by April 10.

The absence of some sort of flipping mechanism makes the idea of an entirely self-contained printing process too good to pass up in the products next iteration. For those looking for a more capable, well-rounded cooking appliance, take a look at the ChefBot instead.