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The Nailbot combines tech and beauty to print pretty nail art

editors-choice-300x96One of the more lamentably defining features of the tech industry is its lack of women. While there are a variety of reasons for why that’s the case, it doesn’t mean something can’t be done. With the Nailbot, inventor Pree Walia is merging technology with art and beauty to create a product that serves as an introduction to the world of tech for girls and women of all ages.

The Nailbot is a smartphone-equipped nail art printer that prints a wide variety of designs directly onto a nail in less than five seconds. It works quite simply: First, users prep their nails by painting it with a base color. Second, users choose an image from their camera roll, one of 3,000 preloaded icons and emojis in its companion app or one of their own designs. Finally, the Nailbot prints the selected image or design right onto the nail. The Nailbot encourages a person’s own artistic impulse with its ability to print custom-made designs as well as fermenting an interest in coding with the ability to code art that can be printed later. With all this functionality, girls will no doubt be intrigued with everything the Nailbot can do for them. 

Health and Wellness

FaceCare cuts down on dry scare with healthy analytics

The Premise. Healthy skin is essential for looking young. Skin needs to be hydrated in order to stay taut and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It’s difficult to know when to moisturize and sometimes really dry skin is the only indication. When your skin is dry, what are the best ways to remedy it?

The Product. FaceCare is a device that scans your skin for moisture. The white wand is about the size of a Wii controller and is rubbed against the skin for analysis. It then communicates with your smartphone to deliver the analytics. The app shows you how moist your skin is on a scale of 1 to 5 water droplets and tells you when you need to moisturize.

The Pitch. The campaign video delivers what one would expect, lots of shots of a woman with already perfect skin using the product while smiling. For the remainder of the campaign, the creators include diagrams of the layers of skin along with close-up comparisons of dry versus moist skin. FaceCare is looking to raise $10,000 on Indiegogo. 

The Perks. Backers looking to analyze their faces can get the FaceCare system for $20, which goes for a regular price of $29. Estimated delivery is currently set for February 2015.

The Potential. With any skin miracle product, it’s important to ask if it really works. FaceCare doesn’t promise complete skin rejuvenation, just valuable information as to how your skin is doing. The questions here are: How accurate is the data it provides? and Does it really tell us anything that we couldn’t figure out on our own? It’s pretty easy to tell how dry your skin is just by touching it. In addition, do we really have the time to analyze our pores on our smartphones when we’re getting ready in the morning? On the other hand, for facial enthusiasts or spa professionals, FaceCare may be an easy tool to gather helpful information.


Twilash provides one-stop shopping for eye beauty enhancement

TWILASHWhen applying makeup, most women focus on their eyes and, more specifically, their eyelashes. In order to maintain their best feature, women carry around multiple tools to achieve a beautiful look. TWILASH combines all of these tools in a Swiss army knife-like product. TWILASH features mascara with a brush, an eyelash enhancer, eyelash separator, curler and mascara remover. The compact version costs $13 while the regular goes for $30 on Indiegogo with an estimated delivery date of May 2014 (even though the campaign ends in June). TWILASH hopes to raise $20,000 in a two month campaign.


Mini Sleek offers portable hair straightening, heat-resistant case for hotheads

For lots of ladies on the go, hair can be aMini Sleek bear to maintain. Mini Sleek offers portable hair care as a wireless straightening iron. The battery plugs into the wall and, when done, offers 30-45 minutes of life while heating up to 375 degrees. This hair tool is compact enough to fit in a purse and comes with a heat resistant box cover so that waiting for the straightener to cool down isn’t an issue. One Mini Sleek goes for $85 on Indiegogo. The creator hopes to raise $50,000 in her 60 day campaign.