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The Nailbot combines tech and beauty to print pretty nail art

editors-choice-300x96One of the more lamentably defining features of the tech industry is its lack of women. While there are a variety of reasons for why that’s the case, it doesn’t mean something can’t be done. With the Nailbot, inventor Pree Walia is merging technology with art and beauty to create a product that serves as an introduction to the world of tech for girls and women of all ages.

The Nailbot is a smartphone-equipped nail art printer that prints a wide variety of designs directly onto a nail in less than five seconds. It works quite simply: First, users prep their nails by painting it with a base color. Second, users choose an image from their camera roll, one of 3,000 preloaded icons and emojis in its companion app or one of their own designs. Finally, the Nailbot prints the selected image or design right onto the nail. The Nailbot encourages a person’s own artistic impulse with its ability to print custom-made designs as well as fermenting an interest in coding with the ability to code art that can be printed later. With all this functionality, girls will no doubt be intrigued with everything the Nailbot can do for them. 

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Dazln illuminating interactive fingernails nail a not-so-bright idea

Holiday attire can go one of two ways: either those dressing up do so elegantly, or they miss the mark completely. DazIn falls firmly in the latter category by being a chip containing cover for your nails that lights up when close to a device with NFC (near field communication). An embedded light blinks when close to your Android phone in an effort to add some holiday cheer to any situation, but all it will end up doing is provoke weird stares and questions for all the wrong reasons.

Although DazIn is waterproof, that does little to add to its desirability. The creators behind DazIn have priced a single nail at $10, but just don’t expect it to work with any model of the iPhone at all. Android phones with NFC are fair game, but it seems like an interesting design choice to not have it work with one of the most popular phones in the world. In any case, DazIn is looking for $10,000 to make this bizarre nail light show a reality. Backers can celebrate in time for Christmas with an estimated delivery date of December 2014.