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Deter dodgy types from the home with the ComfyLight system

While traditional home security systems are no doubt comprehensive, they only really serve to alert homeowners and authorities after a home is compromised. What good is a security system if it doesn’t actually prevent intrusion and burglary in the first place?

The team behind the ComfyLight connected light bulb design it to address this failing. Embedded with Wi-Fi connectivity and motion sensors allows the ComfyLight to automatically turn on and off when entering or exiting a room. Over time, it learns a homeowner’s patterns to replicate when they’re out for the night, for example, to deter would-be burglars.

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Introducing the Backerjack podcast with Ross Rubin and Steven Sande

As 2014 winds down, we’re excited to announce a new initiative that we’re going to carry into 2015 and hopefully beyond. Co-hosted by Ross Rubin and TUAW editor Steve Sande, the first episode of the Backerjack podcast includes discussion of five recent projects featured on the site:

There’s a bit of audio weirdness that we plan to clean up in the next episode. And, of course, we’ll be submitting it to iTunes soon. But for now, feel free to enjoy the podcast below!

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Lighting Smart Home

BeON deterrent lighting system allows you to be on alert 24/7

Home security has seen a resurgence in the past few years thanks to how easy it has become to install and use smartphone and tablet-based systems. As such, the ubiquity of low-cost hardware and Bluetooth connectivity along with smart devices have made home monitoring a largely automated experience that relies on video and motion sensing to set off alarms. As effective as these approaches are, most companies have forgotten that deterrence is the first line of defense in protecting the home, an idea the BeON burglary deterrent system is based on.

The one thing common to every household is the humble lightbulb, maybe a little bit too humble. The BeON system takes lightbulbs to task injecting them with smarts that allow a combination of Bluetooth LE, microphone, sound processor, and rechargeable battery to protect your home. The BeON bulbs installs like standard bulbs and simulate a full home when users are gone by learning lighting habits over time. Constantly shifting lights give off the impression of an occupied, so burglars will think twice before trying to break in. Doorbells also activate the lights when users aren’t in, making it seem like someone is stirring within.

Its four-hour backup battery inside allow its lighting and security features to work through a power outage and that, along with its 20 year battery life, ensures a user’s peace of mind. The companion iOS and Android app will also let users enable Away mode, set lighting patterns, or teach BeON to hear their doorbell, all while still softly lighting a home with 60W of power. A three pack of BeON lightbulbs goes for $229 and is expected to ship in April 2015. The campaign is looking for $100,000 to make it happen.

A connected lightbulb isn’t anything new, but the BeON does far more than others like the AirBulb or even Philips Hue. Its modular nature will eventually allow users to add on functionality, which extends its utility. That said, it is pretty wasteful to randomly turn on lights but that won’t be a convincing point for those who treasure their security.