Imaging Smart Home

The SENS8 is aware of your abode so you don’t need to be

The internet of things is all about securing the home. Every week, some newfangled security system starts a crowdfunding run sometimes peddling new features, sometimes not. In the end, the urge to want to keep a family safe usually wins out despite lack of innovation.

Sometimes, innovation isn’t needed, but rather a solid design, slightly tweaked and offered at the right price. The SENS8 is that product: It’s an all-in-one solution designed to protect the home through its combination of high-quality 1080p-capable HD camera and set of sensors. Together with its motion detector and 95dB speaker and alarm, users are alerted to break-ins and other mischievous behavior with the constantly recording device coupled with a siren to deter intruders. Or, users can use the speaker to engage in two-way conversation.

Lighting Smart Home

Deter dodgy types from the home with the ComfyLight system

While traditional home security systems are no doubt comprehensive, they only really serve to alert homeowners and authorities after a home is compromised. What good is a security system if it doesn’t actually prevent intrusion and burglary in the first place?

The team behind the ComfyLight connected light bulb design it to address this failing. Embedded with Wi-Fi connectivity and motion sensors allows the ComfyLight to automatically turn on and off when entering or exiting a room. Over time, it learns a homeowner’s patterns to replicate when they’re out for the night, for example, to deter would-be burglars.