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Wonki Wands lets kids make monster-sized bubbles

Wonki Wands 2 d058ac7f7bad67b52054746db74bfb74_large[1]It’s funny how taking something old, tweaking it, repackaging it, and remarketing it makes it new. Even in an age of videogames and handheld gadgets, those little jars filled with soap that have those dinky wands for making midget-sized bubbles fascinate. How big can you make it before you break it? For those looking to step up their bubble’s bigness, Wonki Wands boasts of being able to make bubbles up to 40 feet in length. And the wands come in purple, pink, green, sparkle, blue, and copper-black for added affect. For a pledge of at least $24, backers get their choice of wand color and 16 ounces of bubble stuff. The expected delivery date is April 2012, and shipping is free within the US.