Beach Chess awards victory to the last king sanding

Beach ChessFor those who aren’t content to just lay around on the beach, Beach Chess offers the option to have some mental stimulation while baking in the sun. And one can still take in the…um…sites as one’s opponent contemplates their next move. The six chess pieces are embossed on each side of a plastic cube (one black and one white for two player fun) and the sand becomes the chess board. As long as the game isn’t being played too closely to the water, this could attract the attention of some interesting people.  For $25, backers get the complete product with an expected delivery of July 2014.


Redtail Slackline Set blends camping simplicity with adventure

RedtailOutdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a newly improved upon item to go along with the rest of their adventures in the wilderness. The Redtail Slackline Set makes it easy to tote those important survival items and still bring along some campsite fun. This particular slackline has a wooden handle with a line that’s smoother to the touch and allows for easier balance because of technical polymers and special weaving unique to the product, so it accommodates both beginners and experienced trick liners. The kit also provides tree saving pads, and when it’s time to move along, the three pocket organic blanket holds gear and rolls up to eliminate the need for a backpack. For the $99 early bird special backers get the set and an expected delivery of August 2014.

Kids/Babies Toys

Wonki Wands lets kids make monster-sized bubbles

Wonki Wands 2 d058ac7f7bad67b52054746db74bfb74_large[1]It’s funny how taking something old, tweaking it, repackaging it, and remarketing it makes it new. Even in an age of videogames and handheld gadgets, those little jars filled with soap that have those dinky wands for making midget-sized bubbles fascinate. How big can you make it before you break it? For those looking to step up their bubble’s bigness, Wonki Wands boasts of being able to make bubbles up to 40 feet in length. And the wands come in purple, pink, green, sparkle, blue, and copper-black for added affect. For a pledge of at least $24, backers get their choice of wand color and 16 ounces of bubble stuff. The expected delivery date is April 2012, and shipping is free within the US.