Butter Crayon makes spreading butter better

Many people agree that it’s amazing how much better food tastes with butter than with margarine. And there are now studies out that say that butter is actually better because it is a natural food, as opposed to manmade margarine. But spreading cold butter can be a challenge. That’s why the Butter Crayon was created.

The product’s food safe silicone casing fits a standard sized store bought stick of butter. It also keeps butter safe, acts as a butter dispenser and is heat resistant. Once the butter is placed in the case, it gets pushed to surface via a block that is included with the product, making it easier to butter toast, veggies, put on a skillet surface for cooking and more. Butter can be stored right in the Butter Crayon.

Seems like a great idea for buttering pans and skillets, but when buttering bread, there may be crumbs left on the surface, and with other foods, there may be some cross-contamination concerns. Backers may also be interested in Fab and MasterPan. This campaign seeks to raise $60,000. For $15 backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.