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Keep your Nespresso pods in line on your fridge with Capsule Slide

There are mornings when a good cup of coffee will satisfy and get you going, and then there are mornings when nothing but Nespresso will do. On mornings like that, the more convenient it is to get at, the better. That’s why there’s Capsule Slide. This idea gives a whole new twist to the functionality of a magnet. Why? Because it’s home to one of the best friends a working person or even a college student can have: Nespresso pods. The surface is made of moulded ABS, and part of the fun is watching the Nespresso pods run down the zig-zag design when being loaded. For those who prefer to keep their Nespresso organized in the cupboard or under a cabinet, check out the Abacus Pod Rack campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $5,500 AUD (~$4,700 USD) by December 4, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $17 AUD (~$14 USD) with an expected delivery of December 2014.