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Mojoe satisfies the need for mo’ joe on the go

MojoeFor most, when mid morning hits, it’s necessary to get a caffeine fix. For those who don’t have access to a coffeemaker, a trip to the local café is the only option, which can get costly and time-consuming in the long run. For on-the-go brewing, try Mojoe, a portable single serving coffee maker. Simply load up the filter with your own coffee and put sugar and cream in on the other side for a fresh cup of java. Mojoe is similar to the Hey Joe Coffee Mug, but has the added benefit of letting the drinker use their own coffee, making it more cost-effective and convenient. One Mojoe costs $89 for delivery in December 2014. This portable brewer hopes to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo.

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Hey Joe, where you goin’ with that brewing mug in your hand?

The Premise. Coffee can, unfortunately, make or break a meeting, lecture or work event. Without it, it’s hard to focus and getting anything done becomes extremely difficult. While most schools and offices recognize this by providing cafes and coffee carts in house, that cup of java is not always right at hand.

The Product. The Hey Joe Coffee Mug is a convenient way to get that caffeine dosage for hardcore coffee addicts. It looks like any normal travel mug and is tall and black. The mug comes with small cartridges of coffee and with the push of a button will brew a cup of coffee. It is designed so that drinkers are welcome to use their own coffee as well. The temperature can be regulated with the push of the power button and the coffee brewing is powered from a rechargeable battery on the bottom of the mug. Cleaning is easy since the coffee is relatively contained. One simply needs to fill the mug with water and soap and then press brew sans coffee cartridge.

The Pitch. The campaign video really stresses the environmental friendliness of the product. It goes through statistics for how many disposable coffee materials people consume and how the Hey Joe Coffee Mug cuts down on that waste. In addition, the coffee cartridge package comes with seeds so that when the coffee grounds are used, one can plant them to grow into flowers. Hey Joe is looking to raise $20,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Early birdies will receive the travel mug for $39. For $49, backers will receive the mug in black. At the $69 level, backers have the choice of color for their mug and also get 40 coffee cartridges so that they can start brewing. Reward tiers go all the way up to $10,000 with estimated delivery in November 2014. 

The Potential. Coffee convenience has become a thing of concern in recent years. The ever-popular Keurig machine has made it possible to brew one cup at a time easily. This type of machine, however, leaves behind little plastic cups of waste. Other products, like the highly touted AeroPress still requires a source for hot water. The Hey Joe Coffee Mug is the first of its kind that can brew on the go and regulate temperature. This product will certainly be a staple for all caffeine addicts with hectic schedules.

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Latte Lasso keeps your shopping hopping with easy caffeine access

latte lassoFor those who love a coffee on the go, the Latte Lasso allows you to go shopping and tote around your coffee at the same time. This quilted sleeve fits onto any standard coffee to-go cup and has a hook on it. Perfect for shopping carts, the hook hangs onto the cup and cart as you browse. The sleeve comes in several different colors and patterns. Early backers can lasso the Lasso for only $10 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of April 2014. Latte Lasso hopes to raise $1,500 in its 30 day campaign.

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The Smart Lid gives you a red alert for your hot date with drinks

HeatSensitiveLidYou may think you’re hot stuff, but you’re nothing compared to your morning coffee. The Smart Lid turn bright red when the liquid inside the cup is over 118 degrees, and gradually fade as the temperature cools down. This ingenious, simple idea will save many people from the horrible experience of having a burnt tongue. A simple but clever idea imported from Australis, the lids would be most useful for the likes of coffee shops and restaurants, but could see far greater distribution. After reaching some portion of the $8,000 flexible funding campaign, they’ll be available to backers in March 2014