Cell Phone Accessories Video Games

Game Pad gives you the Game Boy of your jailbroken iPhone’s dreams

gamepadEver tried to play a game on a phone that wasn’t optimized for touch-pad controls? The experience can be compared to trying to eat soup with a fork. Game Pad is a simple silicone sleeve that slides over and iPhone 4s and up and sits on top of the on-screen controls for GBA4ios, an app that allows users to play Game Boy Advance games on their iPhone. The problem is, since this only works with one app for a few different models of phones, most customers won’t see a use here. Serious mobile gamers are better off with a dedicated controller, the likes of which are multiplying. If this is all one needs, Game Pad is at least an economical £8 and launches in October.


Jump Shot Pro puts some thunder in your jumper

Jump Shot ProCoaching only gets basketball players so far. At some point, they won’t know what a good shot feels like until they experience it for themselves. In the spirit of basketball shot trainers such as the Shoot Natural Glove, the Jump Shot Pro is a worn constraint that people wear to allow them to perfect their jump shot. This sleeve is worn on the shooting arm and helps to spring load the forearm to shoot the ball with more power. One Pro costs backers $80 with an estimated delivery date of August 2014. The Jump Shot Pro sleeve has a $50,000 Indiegogo goal over a 60-day campaign.

Food and Beverage Organization

Latte Lasso keeps your shopping hopping with easy caffeine access

latte lassoFor those who love a coffee on the go, the Latte Lasso allows you to go shopping and tote around your coffee at the same time. This quilted sleeve fits onto any standard coffee to-go cup and has a hook on it. Perfect for shopping carts, the hook hangs onto the cup and cart as you browse. The sleeve comes in several different colors and patterns. Early backers can lasso the Lasso for only $10 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of April 2014. Latte Lasso hopes to raise $1,500 in its 30 day campaign.