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Game Pad gives you the Game Boy of your jailbroken iPhone’s dreams

gamepadEver tried to play a game on a phone that wasn’t optimized for touch-pad controls? The experience can be compared to trying to eat soup with a fork. Game Pad is a simple silicone sleeve that slides over and iPhone 4s and up and sits on top of the on-screen controls for GBA4ios, an app that allows users to play Game Boy Advance games on their iPhone. The problem is, since this only works with one app for a few different models of phones, most customers won’t see a use here. Serious mobile gamers are better off with a dedicated controller, the likes of which are multiplying. If this is all one needs, Game Pad is at least an economical £8 and launches in October.


Echo Connect is a tiny, twisty tether for connecting smartphones

Echo ConnectIn an increasingly wireless world, we still need a whole lot of wires to keep our devices charged. It can be difficult to remember your charging cord at all times and definitely inconvenient when you’re caught without it. Echo Connect aims to fix this problem. This product is a small, silicone keychain that syncs and charges your iPhone, iPod, iPad or even Android phone from anywhere. This British product is a slightly more stylish version of the Chargekey device made with the same idea in mind. Echo Connect costs backers $15 and hopes to raise $50,000 over 60 days on Indiegogo.