Pizza Bed: is it real or is it a pizza dream?

This product gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “rolling in dough.” Okay, bad puns aside (for the moment), pizza lovers and those with an eccentric sense of humor can’t help but love the idea of a comfort food…er…comforter set that looks like pizza. Too bad the creator of Pizza Bed didn’t think of making it take on the smell and feel of pizza too. Imagine not only the look, but even the smell of pizza wafting through one’s bedroom with sauce and cheese oozing between one’s weary toes. It would be enough to make a person have pizza dreams! Or maybe that was thought about and then considered to be a little too over the top.

Amused backers may also enjoy checking out the, ShotGunR, Wobbly Baron chair, Fan-Hand and Raptor football campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $125,848. Early bird backers get a bed set complete with fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover and two standard sized pillowcases for $75 with an expected delivery of February 2015.