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Proper Pillow Plus will help give you an amazing night of sleep

A comfortable pillow is just as important as a good mattress to provide a good night of sleep. Most pillows, even the best orthopedic ones, however, can’t quantify just how well the user is sleeping.

The Proper Pillow Plus is a smarter version of the existing Proper Pillow, created by the same inventor. The Proper Pillow was designed to support optimal alignment with both back and side sleeping positions. Proper Pillow Plus builds on that and adds the quantification of sleep patterns with the assistance of a mobile app. A sensor network of pressure receptors built into the pillow tracks the user’s sleep experience and relays that data directly to the Proper Pillow Plus app via Bluetooth Low Energy. Among other things, Proper Pillow Plus can gauge what sleeping position and head orientation generate optimal sleep conditions. Proper Pillow Plus costs $60 and ships in April. Its maker is hoping to raise $375,000 via an Indiegogo campaign by April 18.

The product holds promise if it can truly and accurately measure sleep patterns and, more importantly, if it’s comfortable. That said, these two variables are impossible to gauge from a campaign video. Those are two of the same issues faced by similar products that have sought crowdfunding, including ThinkPillow.

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Curvilux hangs out in your bedroom to keep gadgets charged while you snooze

Where to store electronic gadgets at night has become its own 21st century conundrum. Smartphones and tablets and other devices need to be charged so that they are ready to go and last all the way through the following day.

Curvilux is a new type of bedside table that includes built in USB charging ports, or items can be charged wirelessly. It also has a built-in audio system that syncs with Bluetooth so a person can even awake to their favorite tunes, and includes an NFC connector. The built-in lighting unit allows for two options: a bright light for bedside reading, or a floor light if one finds that they need to get up at night. The nightstand includes attachable legs for a freestanding unit, or wall attachments if preferred.

This seems like a very quality product with a lot of great features that people can really use. Many desks focus on tech convenience, but few nightstands ever have. The design isn’t bad either. Backers might also like to check out Z-charge. This campaign seeks to raise $50,000 on Indiegogo. For $100, backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2015.


Phillow lets you hide important stuff right under your own nose

Finding just the right pillow is important for getting a good night’s sleep. But sleeping means that one is unable to pay attention to the environment around them and, in some cases, important items could end up missing.

Phillow is a unique pillow that offers the user a potential hiding place for valuables and important items that one doesn’t want to keep laying around in the open or in predictable places such as a dresser or desk drawer. The product is hypoallergenic, king-sized and has a deep pocket in the middle where various items can be hidden.

It’s unclear how big the pocket is or how much it can store, but it will at least hold a small tablet. Backers interested in some one-of-a-kind fun bedding might also like to check out Pizza Bed. This campaign seeks to raise $36,000 on Kickstarter. For $136, backers get one Phillow with an expected delivery of May 2015.


Pizza Bed: is it real or is it a pizza dream?

This product gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “rolling in dough.” Okay, bad puns aside (for the moment), pizza lovers and those with an eccentric sense of humor can’t help but love the idea of a comfort food…er…comforter set that looks like pizza. Too bad the creator of Pizza Bed didn’t think of making it take on the smell and feel of pizza too. Imagine not only the look, but even the smell of pizza wafting through one’s bedroom with sauce and cheese oozing between one’s weary toes. It would be enough to make a person have pizza dreams! Or maybe that was thought about and then considered to be a little too over the top.

Amused backers may also enjoy checking out the, ShotGunR, Wobbly Baron chair, Fan-Hand and Raptor football campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise $125,848. Early bird backers get a bed set complete with fitted sheet, flat sheet, duvet cover and two standard sized pillowcases for $75 with an expected delivery of February 2015.


Blanket Blocker keeps covers in place

BlanketBlockerIf you’re the kind of person who moves around a lot when you sleep, then you know that keeping your blankets off of the floor is a near impossibility. This means that they get dirty faster, which increases you laundry load faster. Blanket Blocker is designed to keep your covers from slipping off of your bed while you are asleep at night so that they don’t become a tripping hazard. It also apparently has a certain amount of entertainment value for kids, based on the video. For $25, backers get a set (two) of them, but an expected delivery isn’t noted.