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Proper Pillow Plus will help give you an amazing night of sleep

A comfortable pillow is just as important as a good mattress to provide a good night of sleep. Most pillows, even the best orthopedic ones, however, can’t quantify just how well the user is sleeping.

The Proper Pillow Plus is a smarter version of the existing Proper Pillow, created by the same inventor. The Proper Pillow was designed to support optimal alignment with both back and side sleeping positions. Proper Pillow Plus builds on that and adds the quantification of sleep patterns with the assistance of a mobile app. A sensor network of pressure receptors built into the pillow tracks the user’s sleep experience and relays that data directly to the Proper Pillow Plus app via Bluetooth Low Energy. Among other things, Proper Pillow Plus can gauge what sleeping position and head orientation generate optimal sleep conditions. Proper Pillow Plus costs $60 and ships in April. Its maker is hoping to raise $375,000 via an Indiegogo campaign by April 18.

The product holds promise if it can truly and accurately measure sleep patterns and, more importantly, if it’s comfortable. That said, these two variables are impossible to gauge from a campaign video. Those are two of the same issues faced by similar products that have sought crowdfunding, including ThinkPillow.


Dudad alerts trick napping truck drivers when it’s safe to dock and roll

The Premise. In some ways, it seems like the occupation of truck driver could be a pretty sweet job. No crabby co-workers, no real office politics, constant change of scenery, listening to favorite radio programs while working, and perhaps the list could go on. But one of the downsides would be the lack of sleep.

The Product. Dudad is a wireless notification device for truck drivers that allows them to take advantage of downtime between the unloading and loading of freight, which can take hours. Upon the arrival of the trucker and after checking in with the person in charge of the warehouse, the trucker can set Dudad’s notification receiver and catch some sleep after a long drive. He or she is then awakened by an alarm clock type noise once the freight is unloaded and it’s time to collect signed paperwork and head back out on the road. This allows the trucker the benefit of uninterrupted sleep, and everyone else on the road the benefit of safer road.

The Pitch. The video for this $50,000 campaign gives a great explanation of what the product is and its purpose. It’s not exactly clear how it works, but the viewer is led to believe that every truck driver who has had the chance to see the product and hear about it is rather excited to be able to purchase one for their own use.

The Perks. There are multiple tiers from which backers may choose. For $120, backers get one Dudad, and if they specify that they’re a driver or will be giving it to someone who is a driver, extra effort will be put forth in making sure that it is received before Christmas of 2014.

The Potential. Every truck driver probably appreciates the opportunity to get a good night’s sleep. And every commuter appreciates friendly truckers that will graciously allow them to change lanes and even exit the highway on the way to work or other activities. It seems that companies could offer the common courtesy of alerting a sleeping trucker when freight has been unloaded or loaded, or that veteran truckers might even have a sense of how long it is going to take for repeat customers, but these things aside, the product seems like it may be rather useful to and even appreciated by those who drive a truck for a living.