Plumen 002 takes on never-ending bulb bending

Plumen 002-2Fans of portmanteaus will appreciate the Plumen 002, the second in a line of light bulbs that take on unusual shapes. After the success enjoyed by the squiggly design of the the Plumen 001, the London-based team is taking on settings that demand a softer light — as well as a James Bond-like naming scheme — with the 002. In addition to the novel shape, the bulbs conserve energy. But instead of being based on trendy LEDs, they use compact fluorescent technology. Plumen’s campaign talks about the rock star design team that created the inspiration for the bulb, which can illuminate your setting for a pledge starting at $30 or $60 with an elegant Pendant lamp. Whole rooms full of Plumens are available for more; let’s hope they’re packed well when they ship out, which is slated to be June 2014.