Food and Beverage

Degono tea and coffee press promises to retain true grit

There’s something about the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee or tea that just makes the morning (or evening wind-down) more pleasant. Degono offers a product that not only brews the best morning beverages, resembling a French press, but also simplifies clean-up with its “grounds away cleaning system,” setting it apart from other coffee and tea makers. The grounds are trapped between two filters, one at the bottom and the other on the top. This coffee press also works well with loose tea, allowing the user control of how strong their tea will be through the use of the unique filtration system. In addition, Degono is dishwasher safe.

It’s not clear if brands other than Degono brand coffee or tea can be used in the product or not. Coffee loving backers may also want to check out the Artist, Bruvelo, and Brewover campaigns. This campaign seeks to raise £27,980 (~$44,000). Early bird backers get one product for £20 (~$31), with an expected delivery date of May 2015.