Tornado Blade disposable protein shaker gets used once, then thrown away for those who hate doing dishes

Protein shakes are an important part of any fitness and health regimen. Those who partake usually carry theirs around with them all day, making the clean up a bit gross.

Tornado Blade is a disposable protein shaker kit. This product consists of a small piece of plastic that is curved with holes in it along with cups and lids. The idea is to insert the curved piece into the cup, add the lid, and shake the liquid. Once finished, just recycle all of the products.

The whole premise behind Tornado Blade is that doing dishes sucks. Well, yeah, but that’s not really a reason to make all dishes recyclable. Most adults have gotten over complaining about dishes and would rather do that than spend money on disposable products. Even so, those who want a Tornado Blade kit will have to donate $10 for seven of the blades, cups, and lids for estimated delivery in May 2015. This disposable protein shaker is looking for $60,000 in funding.


O.N.E Diaper uses modular parts to reduce the waste of disposables

For environmentally-conscious moms who see disposable diapers as one of the bigger threats to the world, O.N.E. Diaper offers an alternative to disposables. This product is touted as something that can grow with baby because of its unique system, and even last through more than one child. It is most suitable for babies between 10-35 pounds. While this may seem to be more environmentally friendly than the diapers that go into landfills, there is a lot of washing and need for fresh diapers (or parts) that are involved when one considers the frequency with which a baby’s diaper needs to be changed over the course of the day, which is pretty much hourly if not more so. In addition, moms that work outside the home may have some challenges convincing day care centers to use this product. Certainly, it would be easier for overflowing day care centers to simply toss a disposable diaper. Nevertheless, for $20, backers get one diaper with an expected delivery of March 2015. O.N.E. Diaper is looking to raise $28,000 by November 2, 2014 on Kickstarter.

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Plastic Tidy Potty covers sanitizes your stay, flushes away

TidyPottyAs the weather warms, it’s great to be able to get out and enjoy different events. However, when you break away from the fun to make use of the restroom, some of them can be a bit on the scary side where cleanliness is concerned. Tidy Potty aims to provide cover when you feel the need to have a seat at public gatherings (as opposed to in the wild). The makers of the plastic cover boast that it is more effective than typical paper covers where protection and sanitation are concerned. Tidy Potty also comes with wipes. Of course, you could always just dig your own. Just $2 lands a pack of covers that are due in June 2014.