Tornado Blade disposable protein shaker gets used once, then thrown away for those who hate doing dishes

Protein shakes are an important part of any fitness and health regimen. Those who partake usually carry theirs around with them all day, making the clean up a bit gross.

Tornado Blade is a disposable protein shaker kit. This product consists of a small piece of plastic that is curved with holes in it along with cups and lids. The idea is to insert the curved piece into the cup, add the lid, and shake the liquid. Once finished, just recycle all of the products.

The whole premise behind Tornado Blade is that doing dishes sucks. Well, yeah, but that’s not really a reason to make all dishes recyclable. Most adults have gotten over complaining about dishes and would rather do that than spend money on disposable products. Even so, those who want a Tornado Blade kit will have to donate $10 for seven of the blades, cups, and lids for estimated delivery in May 2015. This disposable protein shaker is looking for $60,000 in funding.


Refold is a standing desk that packs flat

Yeah yeah yeah, sitting is bad for us. We keep hearing this over and over. For those who are super concerned about sitting down, try the Refold standing desk. It’s not only a standing desk though, it also folds into a sitting desk, or folds flat so it can be transported easily. Hard to imagine, eh? The reason it’s so foldable is that Refold is actually made out of cardboard. Refold is strong too, featuring a photo of a dude standing on top of the desk. He looks a little surprised that he’s able to do this, however. One will cost backers $160 NZD. Oh, hello, New Zealand. Refold has a campaign goal of $25,000 NZD on Kickstarter.

Standup desks are all the rage these days. StandDesk, ChairBot, and Stealth Rising Desktop, all covered on Backerjack, feature the whole standing-at-your-desk idea. Refold has the added perk of its folded up form. It’s also recyclable, if you’re into that, though drinks are probably a no no on this desk as well as hot laptops. It’s also unclear why anyone would want to carry a desk around with them. However, if you happen to be a workaholic who wants to nab Starbucks’ Wi-fi, but stand at the same time, Refold may just be the product for you. Just be careful with the drink.


For cardboard furniture, Flatgoods entices the fold and the beautiful

The Premise. The Eco Movement is all about living life in a sustainable way, including recycling anything and everything possible. it’s one thing to upcycle a water bottle, but one’s furniture poses a bit more of a challenge.

The Product. Flatgoods offers an array of furniture made out of durable cardboard. The company ships it flat and it is up to the buyer to assemble. One-upping Ikea, Flatgoods offers anything from side tables to sofas with the option to print custom designs on any piece. All Flatgoods furniture is 100% recyclable.

The Pitch. Flatgoods’ Kickstarter campaign gives a detailed list of all pieces available to purchase. The video gives a little back story on the creator, James Mikrut, as well as shows people standing and even bouncing on different Flatgoods products to demonstrate how stable they are. Mikrut hopes to raise $20,000 in his 31 day campaign. For more information, visit the Flatgoods Web site.

The Perks. Each Flatgoods reward tier offers backers a ton of options to choose from.  For $30, backers can pick one piece from an array of end tables, kids chairs and stools all shown in photographs at the bottom of the campaign. Tiers go all the way up to $150, which earns backers the choice between sofas, different sets of kids’ furniture or even a conference table with the custom design option. Current estimated delivery is set at May 2014.

The Potential. Flatgoods’ biggest claim to fame is that its products are 100% recyclable. That said, Flatgoods furniture would be difficult to reuse as furniture because it certainly isn’t as durable as wood and one spilled coffee would be deadly. Another problem is that Flatgoods furniture looks like it’s made out of cardboard. There are many other cardboard furniture companies, such as Chairigami, that uses more innovative design techniques so that their products look like actual furniture. Some of these companies got their funding from Kickstarter, like SITGREEN and Re-Ply. These two in particular focus on taking the moving box look out of their products. All in all, Flatgoods is on the right track and their products are great for kids, but wouldn’t necessarily blend into adult dining rooms or offices as the Kickstarter campaign suggests.